Edward Bear

The Seven Deadly Fears

ISBN: 978-1-935052-06-7
104 pages
5.5 x 8.5

August, 2008


Another in the Edward Bear/Tyler series of extended dialogues, this one dealing with Seven Deadly Fears, the fears that keep us from enjoying life and living in the sunlight of the spirit. As some anonymous troll once said, “Fear is the prison of the heart.” So sit down, relax and read how Edward and his mentor, Tyler, deal with the Fear of Intimacy, Fear of the Unknown, Fear of Change, Fear of Rejection/Abandonment, Fear of Conflict/Anger/Confrontation, Fear of Becoming a Burden, and Fear of Dying.


The Seven Deadly Needs

ISBN: 978-0-9792451-7-6
108 pages
5.5 x 8.5

January, 2008


Whether you are in recovery or simply looking to improve your life, Edward Bear’s latest “Tyler tape” will show you how to overcome your outwardly centered needs and concentrate on the inner work of healing and growth. The Seven Deadly Needs is the sequel to Edward Bear’s previous work, The Dark Night of Recovery. Set in a conversational format, the book is written as a series of tape-recorded sessions between a mentor, Tyler, and his somewhat resistant pupil, Edward Bear. Each session deals with one of what Tyler calls the Seven Deadly Needs: the Need to Know, to Be Right, to Get Even, to Look Good, to Judge, to Keep Score, and to Control. Because these needs are outwardly focused, they force us to act in ways that are not true to ourselves, and often lead to addiction, isolation and unhappiness. This book will help guide you around some of the larger potholes in life’s often-hectic road.

In form not unlike Platonic dialogues, the seven chapters deal with many everyday issues that confine rather than expand our experiences of reality. These obstacles often keep us from an awareness of how rich our lives can be. Through the course of the book, you will learn how to overcome these deadly needs, how to see the possibilities open to each of us, and how to view each day as a wonderful opportunity for living. Although The Seven Deadly Needs is Twelve-Step oriented, the principles and practices are universal, and the tone is both irreverent and charming.


The Cocktail Cart

ISBN: 978-0-9792451-2-1
244 pages
5 x 8

July, 2007


The Cocktail Cart is a gem of a novel about the capacity of people to heal, and the ability we have to assist one another in that healing. The author brings his unique combination of gentle humor and spiritual wisdom to the creation of a touching and eccentric group of characters who reside in a hospice. . . As he is led through his own life-changing lessons by a mischievous angel, he helps the residents as they conclude the work of a lifetime.  I love this book. . . it’s about believing.”
– Dr. Judith Dowling, Psy. D. Clinical Psychologist

Winner: Colorado Independent Publishers Award


Tyler and the Twelve Traditions

ISBN: 978-1-935052-30-2
142 pages
5.5 x 8.5

November, 2010


“A conversational journey through the Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous that is not only readable and informative, but richly layered with humor and insight”.
~ Richard Dan, psychotherapist

Yet another in the Edward Bear/Tyler series of dialogues, this one deals with the often-neglected subject of the Twelve Traditions – created by Alcoholics Anonymous in the late 1940s to regulate group conduct. The Traditions are to the groups what the Steps are to the individual.

So listen in as Edward and Tyler spend some time discussing not only the legacy, the lore and the wisdom of the Traditions, but also life, love, relationship, loyalty, Viagra and vampires.

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