About White River Press

Founded in 2006, White River Press works with experienced authors whose books cannot – for whatever reason – currently find a home in traditional publishing. We maintain high editorial and production standards and take advantage of new digital printing and distribution technologies in a process that is efficient, cost-effective, and professional.

We consider authors our partners in publishing and draw from our years of experience to advise and guide writers from manuscript to finished book. We offer services to bring books back into print, and to publish new works.

White River Press is owned and managed by Linda Roghaar, a literary agent, who has decades of experience in several aspects of publishing and a thorough understanding of the uniqueness – and challenges – of book distribution.

Determined to help empower authors in the publishing process, she has found a solution in the innovative, collaborative approach of White River Press.

White River Press includes a network of editorial and production professionals whose skills and talents guarantee books of quality.