Beverly Olevin

The Good Side of Bad

ISBN: 978-1-935052-35-7
202 pages

September, 2010

It’s 2008 and there’s more melting down than the
economy. Peter is a successful Wall Street player
until his world is turned upside down by the
global financial crisis. Younger sister Florence
is losing her grip on reality…she jumped off a
bridge, for starters. Her brother and older sister,
Sara, are forced to disrupt their lives in an attempt
to save her.  Moving between Seattle and New
York, the story is told through the voices of the
three siblings as they face their own crises and try
to stay afloat.
With insight and empathy, Olevin illuminates the
mysterious world of mental illness, the corruption
and greed of financial markets, and the tangled
ties of family. Olevin deftly leads us through
these worlds on a humorous and moving journey
towards compassion and the other side of loss.
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