Peter M. Kash


Take Two Tablets: Medicine from the Bible

ISBN-13: 978-1887043229


166 pages


March, 2016

Great nutrition, exercise, healing pathways, meditation, the importance of sex, joy, a life of meaning – TAKE TWO TABLETS: Medicine from the Bible reveals how ancient principles – as told in the Bible – have been verified by today’s scientific scrutiny and hold the keys to a healthier, longer life and how to apply them to today’s hectic lifestyles. It shows us how to deal with pain, suffering, work and stress and how these proven healing techniques resonate with all the world’s major traditions as well as specific ancient Asian health practices that promote robust health and vitality. Created and written by Dr. Peter Kash, a bestselling author, biotech specialist, and educator – Dr. Shmuel Einav, a well-known biomedical research scientist and educator and Dr. Linda Friedland, an international health expert, medical doctor, speaker, and author. Rooted in the teachings of the Old Testament, this inspiring manual can transform your life.


Restart: Life Tactics for Today’s Economy

ISBN: 978-1-935052-09-8
228 pages
5.5 x 8.5

March, 2009

In this original view on what makes for business success, Peter Kash sees opportunity even in today’s challenging economy. Kash, one of Wall Street’s most successful venture capitalists, shows how to recognize and seize the moment that turns dreams of great fortune into reality. Originally published in 2002, this revised and expanded edition has insight most relevant to today’s difficult business climate, including examples of how outstanding opportunities often lie in innocuous, thoughtless, or even traumatic events. Inspiring and practical, Restart: Life-Tactics for Today’s Economy illustrates how anyone can make their own luck by learning how to recognize the signs of opportunity knocking.