Keva D. Horry

Glamorous Sacrifice:
Life…in the Shadow of Championships

ISBN: 978-1-935052-34-0
228 pages
6 x 9

March, 2013

Three years into college, Keva DeVelle (Horry) was in pursuit of a career as the next major network anchorperson. She was grounded in her faith, well-rounded in her academic and social life and focused on being the comforting voice millions would hear every evening at six o’clock. During that same year in college, her learning that she and the love of her life were going to have a baby was more than an interruption of her dream…it was the beginning of her assignment. No twenty-two-year-old young woman could possibly prepare for whirlwind circumstances and life-altering events consuming nearly two decades. She was not prepared, but she was equipped. Being married to a professional athlete – who happened to win more world NBA championships than anyone who wasn’t on the 1960 Boston Celtics team, and who quickly earned the nickname “Big Shot” – was, to say the least, challenging. The unimaginable task of maintaining a long-distance marriage and the enormous responsibility of caring for a special-needs child equaled a perfect storm of overwhelming peaks and inconceivable valleys for her. But through it all, she never lost her firm grip on her faith. Time and again, she told her Maker, “I will not let go unless you bless me” (Genesis 32:26). Glamorous Sacrifice is a poignant reflection of that blessing. The blessing of being an expert odds-defying conqueror. The blessing of seeing medical facts, but believing in Divine truth. The blessing of recognizing an appointed assignment, and fulfilling it for the glory of someone else. The blessing of a wife’s devotion, a mother’s love and the championing of purpose. “And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

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