Irene Butter

Shores Beyond Shores

from Holocaust to Hope 

my True Story


ISBN: 978- 1-935052-70-8

259 pages



April, 2018


As Irene’s Pappi flights to save his family during the Holocaust, Irene’s childhood is lost. Play is restricted. Family and friends disappear. Finally, with the Duct police at their door comes the reality that Irene’s father has not moved his family far enough from Hitler’s Germany.

By January 1945, the family is struggling to survive a death camp. Irene tends to her ailing parents, cares for starving kids, and even helped from clothes to her Amsterdam neighbor Anne Frank, before her family is offered a singular change for freedom…providing the Nazi doctor says they are healthy enough. After two wees of heart-lifting miracles and heart-breaking tragedies, Irene arrives in the Algerian desert to journey into redemption and womanhood, without her parents or brother.

Irene’s first person memoir, Shores Beyond Shores, is an account of how the heart keeps its common humanity in the most inhumane and turbulent of times. Irene’s hard-earned lessons are a timeless inspiration.