Hadley Historical Commission

Town Cemeteries and Gravestones of Hadley Massachusetts
A Publication of Hadley’s 350th Committee

Local History/Anniversary Celebrations
ISBN: 978-1-935052-24-1
104 pages

November, 2010

Across New England, our town cemeteries preserve microcosms of town histories. This collection of essays surveys changing styles of gravestone art from the seventeenth century to the present as well as trends in the management and use of town cemeteries. Also, it inventories the known carvers working early on in Hadley, and records the unique observations and perspectives of the well-known gravestone conservator and cemetery commissioner Fred Oakley. Taken together this survey of Hadley’s town cemeteries and gravestones offers insight into the history not only of Hadley, Massachusetts but also the Commonwealth, the region, and the nation.