Felix Oppenheim


ISBN: 978-0-9792451-6-9
112 pages
8.5 x 11

October, 2007

Over 100 color photographs from around the world.

No matter how far he traveled, political philosophy professor and photographer Felix Oppenheim always carried his Leica camera. Now gathered together for the first time, Oppenheim presents 107 of his favorite photographs of architecture and landscapes, each accompanied by its reflection in water. This collection includes photographs taken over five decades. They range from cathedrals, mosques, castles, chateaux, manor houses, and bridges mirrored in seas, lakes, rivers, canals, moats, and other bodies of water. Located in eleven countries**, Oppenheim’s photographs forms unexpected wholes both startling and pleasing.

**France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Spain (Granada), Netherlands, Belgium, Morocco, Iran (Isfahan), Egypt, United States.