Dr. Will Miller

Refrigerator Rights: Creating Connections and Restoring Relationships

ISBN: 978-1-887043-19-9

196 pages



Nov, 2015

How many people in your life have refrigerator rights?

• How many people are you really, truly, connected to—not by social media, email, or phone, but by human interaction and a solid social support system?
• Has relocating left you isolated from your core family and friends?
• Is the lack of close relationships ruining your emotional and physical health?

Dr. Will Miller and Dr. Glenn Sparks have determined “the core challenge to our sense of contentment is in our lifestyle.” They offer the concept of REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS—the importance of having people in your life who can literally help themselves to the contents of your refrigerator without needing your permission.

Understanding REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS can help you:
• Relieve stress
• Reduce feelings of depression
• Develop meaningful connections

The Facts Will Change Your Life!

This 2nd edition of REFRIGERATOR RIGHTS includes dramatic, updated studies that reveal how our fast-paced, technology-driven culture has further impacted our close relationships and increased our need for friends who enjoy refrigerator rights in our homes.



Why We Watch: Killing the Gilligan Within

ISBN: 978-1-935052-01-2
160 pages
7 ½ x 9 ¼

July, 2008


Who Knew?
Television Is the Next Great Healer!

What if classic TV could heal your inner child? No, really, we’re serious. It’s possible if you understand what your programming choices say about you!

Did you love Lassie, the cross-dressing canine hero who saved little Timmy from raging rivers and mine shafts? It could be a sign of co-dependency and an impulse for self-sacrifice.

What does your devotion to Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie say about your marriage and your view of gender?

Why do men love the Three Stooges? Why do women loathe them? Do you have an inner Moe, Larry or Curly?

And do you know why you must kill your inner Gilligan?

Is it really possible for the nation to be emotionally healed by viewing The Brady Bunch?

The answers to these questions will surprise and thrill you. Dr. Will Miller, the founder of the revolutionary science of teletherapy, reveals all these truths and more in this groundbreaking book that explains Why We Watch! In a matter of moments, you’ll be watching your way to wellness! Really.

About Dr. Will Miller: Dr. Will Miller is a psychotherapist, lecturer and police chaplain who teaches at Purdue University. He was a headline stand-up comedian who has appeared on Nick-at-Night and hosted NBC’s The Other Side. Today he is in great demand as a speaker by corporations and organizations on stress & coping with change. With his colleague Dr. Glenn Sparks, Dr. Miller conducts research and writes about the impact of popular culture and emerging media technologies on society.